Series-connected soft water system for the most stringent hygiene requirements with optimum performance

ELITE RS is a quantity-controlled soft water system to produce soft water <0.05°dH according to the ion exchange process. Elite RS softeners are configured with two columns in series. The first column acts as working filter, the second column is used as polisher. During the regeneration of the working filter, the polisher filter acts as working filter.

The highlights at a glance:

Serial configuration for best possible microbiological quality

  • Optimal micro biological quality due to hygienic regeneration with

    BWT SANISAL P regeneration salt

  • Extended operating life of downstream systems thanks to a 
    consistent minimum residual hardness of < 0.05° dH

  • Optimum pre-treatment for SEPTRON® Line and OsmoLine compact 
    PW/HPW systems

  • Compact space saving skid design

  • automatic triggering of regeneration via PLC

  • completely preassembled and tested

  • Available in stock, ensuring short delivery times

  • Optionally available as a hot water regeneration version (<80° C)

  • optional ECOSALT Residual hardness monitoring

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