• Configures a compliant monitoring system in minutes
  • Up to 20 particle counting locations
  • Up to 20 environmental locations
  • Up to 96 microbiological air sampling locations
  • Secure operation using Windows user names and passwords
  • Offers trends, alarm reports and XML data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Supports remote network clients (View Nodes) 
  • Includes system verification documents in PDF format
  • Compliant with EU GMP Annex 1 and 21 CFR part 11

enVigil PnP Facility Monitoring Software allows you to deploy a fully featured environmental monitoring system in minutes. Supporting serial or Ethernet particle counters, microbiological sampling and environmental measurements, enVigil PnP helps you maintain compliance with minimal effort. Offering a clear status overview with one click access to trends, concise alarm reports and data export to Microsoft Excel™, enVigil PnP delivers the information you need to maintain compliance without tedious configuration and documentation.

An intuitive configuration wizard guides you through a few simple steps to define the locations being monitored and the regulatory classes being applied – enVigil PnP does the rest. Password protected operation and an automatic audit trail logging system make the system compliant with 21 CFR part 11 straight out of the box.

enVigil PnP offers the quickest and simplest configuration mechanism available. The configuration wizard offers a series of ‘tabs’ that map directly onto the hardware you are configuring. By supplying a few details on each tab and clicking the run button, you can be up and running in minutes.

For the ultimate in system confidence you can use the optional watchdog facility. The watchdog constantly monitors the health of the enVigil PnP processes on the PC and alerts staff via the external watchdog display if system integrity is compromised.

Remote Client PCs (View Nodes) can easily be connected via Terminal Services, allowing different departments to view different screens simultaneously.enVigil PnP is available in English, French and German languages and can be translated into other languages using run-time translation tables provided by the user. Any language that uses Western character sets can be supported.

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