Air sampler to be proposed to customers who make an average number of tests and who want to record data manually or automatically. In version automatically, the transfer takes place via Bluetooth printer.

Recharging the battery is done via the power cable connected to the instrument. Customers are the food industry, cosmetics, medical devices, industries that package sterile products for third parties, environmental laboratories, hospitals , cell factory, etc..

Innovative PerformancesTraditional Performances

  • Bluetooth application for transfer data to printer (MINI BLUETOOTH version)
  • Aspirating head quick bajonet fixing system
  • 100 or 200 lts/minute flow rate
  • Suitable for Contact plate or Petri dish without adapter
  • Three different aspirating heads: S/S, polycarbonate, sterile polystyrene
  • Antibacterial techno-polimer shockproof body
  • Battery autonomy up 15 hours
  • Components equivalent to ATEX certification
  • IP65 protection from dust and water
  • Easy servicing
  • According to ISO14698, USP 797, USP 116, EU GPL-GMP, ISO17025
  • Different Programmable aspirating times: simoultaneous, separate, interval
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