For quality control or formulation of colloidal material such as e.g. dyes or paints a measurement procedure is required that can make precise and reliable statements about the stability of dispersions within a short time. This guarantees industrial processes leading to effectively and inexpensively optimized products.

A well-known measure of the stability behavior of dispersions and nanoparticles are particle interface potentials, such as the zeta potential. By measuring the flow potential generated by the charge separation of the fluid, one obtains information about the zeta potential. The determination of the particle size is another way to investigate a process in order to obtain reliable statements about the stability behavior. The particle size distribution is determined by means of DLS 180 ° dynamic light scattering.

The StabiSizer® by Colloid Metrix provides very fast, accurate and reproducible particle charge and particle size distribution measurements. It is able to measure the surface charge of particles in the range of 0.3 nm to 300 μm and the size distribution of 0.3 nm to 10 μm, at a concentration range of up to 40% vol. Due to the optimized measuring technology, the StabiSizer® can determine 7 parameters simultaneously and within a few seconds:

  • particle size distribution
  • zeta potential
  • streaming potential
  • conductivity
  • pH value
  • temperature
  • concentration

The StabiSizer® has two built-in titration pumps whose titration speed can be set as required with the software. The determination of the isoelectric point is one of the possibilities of titration and is determined within a few minutes.

Your titration applications with simultaneous particle size monitoring:

pH titration: Determination of the isoelectric point and stable pH ranges.

Polyelectrolyte titration: Statements about the stability and charge density.

Titration with dispersant: For dispersant optimization.

Titration with salts: Zeta potential as a function of the conductivity.

Formulation: Titration with additives to obtain the optimum in the formulation of your products.

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