The stability of colloidal material and dispersions is one of the most important factors in quality assurance or development and formulation of new products. Long measuring time, imprecise and non-significant measurements due to only selective and low-resolution measurements of the zeta potential often lead to a faulty analysis of the dispersion stability and thus cause high costs for a company. In addition, agglomeration of particles can reduce production efficiency and product quality, so a measurement method that can accurately determine the critical coagulation point is needed.

Nowadays, particle surface charge and interface potentials, such as the zeta potential and the streaming potential, are widely used to characterize the stability of suspensions, emulsions and nanoparticles. These parameters have established as a typical measure representing the electrostatic repulsion between particles.

The Stabino® II from Colloid Metrix provides very fast, precise and reproducible particle charge measurements due to its high resolution and data point density, respectively. Thus, the Stabino® II is able to measure the surface charge of particles in the range of 0.3 nm to 300 μm, with a concentration range of up to 40% by volume. Due to the optimized measuring technology, the Stabino® II can determine 5 parameters simultaneously and within a few seconds:

  • zeta potential
  • streaming potential
  • conductivity
  • pH value
  • temperature

In addition, the Stabino® II has a built-in titration function where all the parameters are determined simultaneously at every titration dosage step. The determination of the isoelectric point is one of the possibilities of titration and is determined within a few minutes.

Your titration applications:

pH titration: Determination of the isoelectric point and stable pH ranges.

Polyelectrolyte titration: Statements about the stability and charge density.

Titration with dispersant: For dispersant optimization.

Titration with salts: Zeta potential as a function of the conductivity.

Formulation: Titration with additives to obtain the optimum in the formulation of your products.

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